About Us



The idea for NEATsheets was born on a road trip. After ten days driving cross country from New York to Idaho, our father, a perennial businessman, exclaimed, “We have an idea.” 

As ‘Sandwich Generation’ adults, the concept of a better car napkin resonated. How many times had a family member spilled on themselves in the car or on a plane? How often had we arrived at a meeting sporting an embarrassing coffee or yogurt stain? How frequently did a backyard barbecue or dinner party result in a permanent mark to the shirt of a good friend or guest? Too many. 

We realized the further significance of NEATsheets when our elegant grandmother, who dressed in cashmere, silk, and high heels, started to have difficulties. Seeing her with a stain was heartbreaking, but worse was the thought of an undignified bib or clothing protector. 

Our goal is to offer a solution that is easy-to-use and attractive, so that everyone can enjoy the experience in front of them and not the next spill or stain.

NEATsheets is changing how to keep it NEAT. We have thousands of enthusiastic users from busy commuters to stylish retirees to passionate barbecue fans. We hope you’ll join us on our journey. 


Heidi & Greg