Introducing NEATwipes - soothing, safe & 100% biodegradable!

“NEATsheets are a godsend and I just love ’em. The Red & White Diamond design
is great for casual restaurants and eating fast food in the car.”

Clive P., Arizona


No one takes and uses just one napkin. And no matter how delicious the food, no one looks good wearing it. Think of us as the ultimate lobster bib, the perfect picnic napkin, the ideal clothing protector for take-out. Use NEATsheets and let your customers leave the mess on us. NEATsheets offer your customers the satisfaction of eating NEATly.

The Freedom To Eat...

• Saucy barbecue
• Lunchtime ramen
• Morning commute coffee
• Any meals to-go
• Catering indoors or out
• Picnics and boxed lunches
• Anytime you want to keep it NEAT

“Excellent product. I use NEATsheets when I have to eat on the go in the car. They protect my shirts from food and oils.”

Stewart J., South Carolina

Life’s messy. Stay NEAT.

  • Attractive designs
  • Large size – 13” wide x 22” long
  • Easy-to-use adhesives
  • Disposable
  • Sanitary
  • Liquid absorbent front