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20-Count Pouch
20-Count Pouch
20-Count Pouch
20-Count Pouch
20-Count Pouch

20-Count Pouch

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Our 20-Count Pouch is ideal for eating out, traveling, commuting, at the home or work office, dinner parties, barbecues, or anytime you want to keep it NEAT. NEATsheets can also be used during meal preparation, arts & crafts, when applying make-up or creams, or as a placement. Each pouch comes in a slider zip bag for added on-the-go convenience, and it easily fits into glove compartments, desk drawers, travel bags, backpacks, and purses.

NEATsheets are currently available in Grey Dot and Red & White Diamond patterns. And coming soon, we are launching Blue Ticking and Cinnamon Stick patterns.


  • NEATsheets Size: 13 inches wide x 22 inches high
  • Pouch Size: 12.5 inches x 1 inch x 9 inches 
  • Two easy-to-use peel-and-stick adhesive tabs
  • Liquid absorbent front
  • Stain-resistant backing
  • Sanitary


  • 20-Count Grey Dot: 753070999605
  • 20-Count Blue Stripe: 753070999612
  • 20-Count Red & White Diamond: 753070999629
  • 20-Count Khaki Gingham: 753070999667
  • 20-Count Blue Ticking: 753070999766
  • 20-Count Cinnamon Stick: 753070999735

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