5 “Must Have” Grilling Accessories for the 2019 BBQ Season

With winter behind us and the temperatures warming, there is no better time to get grilling. Here are five accessories that will help you master the perfect steak or salmon and keep your guests smiling throughout the meal.

Must Have Gloves
Grace Kitchenwares’ silicon gloves are excellent for grilling, baking and handling hot stuff. They offer more insulation than regular oven mitts, allowing you to hold on to food for much longer. The FDA-approved food grade silicon gloves allow you to pick up and hold hot food because sometimes you just need to use your hands. Available at woto.com/gracekitchenwares and Amazon.

Must Have Bibs
NEATsheets are the perfect item for the grillmaster and everyone around the table. Stylish, convenient, and disposable, NEATsheets have two adhesive tabs that easily adhere to any clothing surface. The absorbent front side and repellent backing provide sanitary protection against drips and stains, and allow for easy clean-up. “Spills happen. Stains shouldn’t.” Available at NEATsheets4eats.com and Amazon.

Must Have Grill Basket
We get that grill marks are an essential part of a great steak or burger, but when you are cooking smaller foods like veggies and shrimp, a slip through the grate can easily happen. Grillaholics Grill Basket solves the problem with opened holes that allow the heat to get in, but small enough that most of the food can't escape. Available at grillaholics.com and Amazon.

Must Have Meat Thermometer
It’s time to expect more from your food thermometer. Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo has been radically designed with an ultra-large 2-inch display with 360 degree viewing clarity that automatically rotates depending on how the device is held. It is also the first food thermometer that has an intelligent stabilization alert which notifies you and holds the readout when it has settled. Available at lavatools.co and Amazon.

Must Have Grill Brush
When the grilling is done, the work is not necessarily over. Thanks to Tadge Goods’ Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush Scraper Tool, cleaning the grill is now a lot easier. Made of a durable stainless steel construction and material, the brush not only does a great job cleaning but it should last many grilling seasons. Available at tadgegoods.com and Amazon.

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