“NEATsheets are a godsend and I just love ‘em. The Red & White Diamond design is great for casual restaurants and eating fast food in the car.”

- Dale C.

A woman eating breakfast wearing a NEATsheet with Cinnamon Stick design.

NEATsheets Features

• Easy-to-use adhesive tabs
• Liquid absorbent front/Liquid repellent back
• Attractive designs
• Ample coverage (13” x 22”)
• Sanitary& stylish adult bibs
• Disposable

A woman reaching for sandwiches wearing a NEATsheet with Red & White Diamond design,.

The Freedom to be NEAT

• Stylish adult clothing protectors

• Morning commute coffee
• Office lunch
• Saucy barbecues
• Meals-to-go
• Arts and crafts
• Meal prep
• Anytime you want to keep it NEAT.


“NEATsheets are fantastic product. Great coverage. Preserves dignity. Fairly large spills don’t penetrate and spoil clothing. Easy clean-up. Good quality.”

- Teresa L.

  • Peel

  • Press

  • Eat

  • Toss