5 Reasons Why NEATsheets & NEATwipes Are Ideal For Weddings

NEATsheets & NEATwipes are ideal for weddings, keeping everyone NEAT whether it is the rehearsal dinner buffet or wedding favors for your special guests. 


1. NEATsheets Keep The Festivities NEAT -- NEATsheets will keep everyone NEAT from the rehearsal dinner to the farewell brunch.


2. NEATwipes Provide The Perfect Touch -- NEATwipes will keep everyone's hands clean during the cocktail reception or after hitting the dance floor.



3. NEATsheets & NEATwipes Are Ideal Wedding Favors -- NEATsheets and NEATwipes are a perfect complement to the treats and beverages you may be providing as wedding favors.

NEATsheets and NEATwipes on a table being displayed as wedding favors.


4. NEATsheets & NEATwipes Come In A Range Of Convenient Pack Sizes -- NEATsheets come in quantities of 4, 20, 100, and 400. NEATwipes are available in a 24-count bag.


5. Woman-Owned & Family Inspired -- NEATGOODS is WBENC-certified. We bring our values into our daily operations from our focus on outstanding design and function to our commitment to more sustainable products


To get more information on wholesale orders, contact us at hello@myNEATGOODS.com.

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