8 ways to stay NEAT this summer!

NEATsheets™ disposable clothing protectors are the easy, dignified way to keep your clothes clean and free from spills. Here are a few of our favorites uses over the past few months.

People have used NEATsheets™ to:

Keep judges and VIPs NEAT at rib and hamburger festivals in the Deep South from Huntsville to Memphis.Ribs taste better in your mouth, not on your shirt.

Enjoy milkshakes while watching the Oscars. Fortunately, the best performance that night was the chocolate chip ice cream, and not the stain remover.

Stay clean while flying coast-to-coast.C'mon, you know you've always worried that turbulence would send that drink onto your lap.

Keep it NEAT during a picnic lunch with the family in Laguna Beach.It's California -- being messy is definitely not in style.

Enjoy food truck treats in Minneapolis.Food truck fare is an art form. Experience it the right way by keeping it off your shirt.

Make a long drive in Idaho a little less messy. Eating and driving is as American as apple pie. 

Do arts and crafts with grandma in Florida.This one is for you, Grandma. You never know when those kids will decide to use you as their canvas.

Enjoy a dinner party with close friends in the Bay Area.Repeat-- it's California. Enough said.

Enjoy lunch at the office in Connecticut.You've got this. You've prepared for 3 weeks and created two portfolios for the meeting this afternoon. Today is your day. Don't ruin it at lunch. Use a NEATsheet™.

We love hearing how you are using NEATsheets™ to Keep It NEAT! Send us an email at info@NEATGOODS.co with your story and you might just see it here! Don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Whether you need a little or a lot, we have a pack size for you. Use our 5-Count Pack Bundle for on-the-go activities, or keep a 100-Count Box at home or at the office. If you really need to go big, get a 1,200-Count Case to help yourself and everyone around you "Keep it NEAT!" To order today, visit NEATGOODS.co.

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My wife bought a large supply of these. At first I was like why do we need these? Our boys can be a little messy with ribs and bbq and spaghetti but at ages 11, 14, and 16 I did not think they would be happy about wearing a paper napkin bib during meals and especially in a restaurant. My wife gave them no other options and as I predicted the boys were less than thrilled. After a few meals it was clear how well the paper napkin bibs worked and their shirts were stain free. The boys have not said much about our NeatSheet rule lately. In fact, they will wear them without me yelling at them to put one on at the dinner table. NeatSheets are a great idea and we will continue to buy them when our supply gets low.

Tyler Williams

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