A Surplus of Chicken Wings...Perfect For Friday "Movie" Night

You may not have been able to indulge in chicken wings in March and early April when you had hoped to watch the now canceled NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, but what better way to catch up than making an overflowing heap of wings for Friday "movie" night. Here is our favorite two-ingredient recipe:

- Toss the chicken wings in Soy Vay or Trader Joe’s Soyacki sauce.

- Let the wings marinate in a large bowl in the refrigerator for a few hours or more.

- Spray or lightly coat a cookie sheet with cooking oil.

- Evenly space the wings on a pan and bake at 325 degrees (F) for an hour or until they are caramelized and a deep golden color.

So easy. So good. We like them with a big salad, roasted sweet potatoes, and a good show. One of recent favorites is the six-part drama mini-series, The English Game, on Netflix. It chronicles the origins of modern football (or soccer, as we like to call here in the states) in England. 

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