Essentials for a Thankful Travel Experience During the 2021 Holiday Season

After a 2020 holiday season which saw most of us stay home or close to home due to the pandemic, many of us will be making up for lost time with travel plans via planes, trains, and automobiles. But unlike the chaotic experience endured by Steve Martin’s character trying to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving in the aptly named movie, here are a few essentials that can help make your travel go smoother.

Charged Up & Ready To Go
If you traveling, it is a good bet you will be on your phone whether you are checking the status of your flight, calling loved ones to let them know your ETA, or playing a game to kill time. It’s, therefore, not uncommon to find your battery with only 2% battery charge and every outlet in the concourse occupied. Our recommendation is to travel with the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux which provides more than two charges for the iPhone XS or Galaxy S10, as examples, and is small enough to easily fit in a carry-on bag.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux

Coming In Handy
Few things can get in the way of wonderful time with loved ones than a bad cold. We recommend bringing along a pack of NEATwipes to use as you travel to keep your hands germ-free, hydrated, and smelling fresh (or to be more precise, like lavender). NEATwipes 24-count individually wrapped packets are perfect for travel. Toss a few into your jacket pocket and bag, and avoid that unwelcome cold.

NEATwipes individually wrapped hand wipe

Keeping Hydrated & Refreshed
Drinking water is so important when traveling, especially when it may involve cross-country and overseas travel. Especially with flights, you can’t always count on beverage service due to turbulence or other issues, so we recommend Brita’s 20 oz. Premium Filtering Water Bottle. It is designed with a filter that fits in the straw that makes water taste great and keeps water cold for 24 hours.

Brita’s 20 oz. Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Spotless & Neat
Eating on the go can be its own adventure when traveling, whether it is the unexpected pothole or the rough patch of air. And wearing your meal on your shirt or lap is right up there in the annoying column with the person in front of you putting their seat in full recline. Our first-class solution is NEATsheets, attractive disposable adhesive napkins that work great on shirts and laps. Oh, and by the way, NEATsheets also work well as a placemat.

NEATsheets disposable adhesive napkin - blue ticking pattern.

Greg Pesky is a founder and partner of NEATGOODS, LLC., a company focused on innovative solutions, exceptional design, and sustainable practices, motivated to provide better, not more. Greg resides in Minneapolis and loves living in a “fly over” state because it means that he is no more than a three-hour flight to either coast.


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