Five “Sunsational” Ways to Use NEATsheets This Summer

With the warm weather now here (yay!), I am all about embracing summer activities! My friends and I love enjoying the sun and taking part in classic summer traditions like road tripping, state fairs, backyard barbecues and trips to get ice cream with my brother and sister. That’s why I’m super excited to share some of my favorite ways to use NEATsheets! They’re the best for keeping misbehaving condiments and sauces off my clothes so I can relax and enjoy the summer.

Road Tripping
Nothing is better than hitting the road with family and friends in the summertime, especially after more than a year of being mostly house-bound (or, in my case, dorm-bound). I can’t wait to travel to a beautiful lake in my home state of Minnesota and visit relatives in the southeastern part of the country. 

Abby Tutterow, NEATGOODS' Summer Intern, in her car with NEATsheets.

To me, an essential of any good road trip is snacking and eating on the go, and NEATsheets have become a necessity for snacking on the road. Navigating and enjoying the ride are challenging enough, and stains and spills are now detours I definitely want to avoid. I keep a few packs of NEATsheets in my car and in my carry-on when I fly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like reaching my destination wearing my food!

Lobster Boils
Lobster is such a delicious treat, and being a Minnesotan, it is a meal that I have come to crave in the summer months when it is fresh. It’s so easy to sit down and end up with more butter and sauce on my shirt than in my mouth. I have always defaulted to a lobster bib, but let’s be honest, they’re typically flimsy, too small, and slightly embarrassing to wear.

NEATsheets, on other hand, are perfect because they are so easy to use, classy looking, and actually protect my shirt and shorts from inevitably dripping butter. I now insist on bring them along to every lobster boil because they are quite the catch! 

Woman in her kitchen with lobster and NEATsheets  

Putting On Makeup
As a makeup lover, I know how easy it is to get makeup everywhere. Especially with the rising popularity of liquid products, I find it so easy to slip up and be forced to change my entire outfit. I’ll admit it was not the first use I thought of for NEATsheets, but they are perfect for protecting my planned outfit from unwanted makeup stains. I love that the front is absorbent because it soaks up any liquid products, and the large size of NEATsheets ensures that any powder gets caught before it can ruin my shirt.

Jill Bauer applying makeup and wearing a NEATsheet

Photo: Courtesy of Jill Bauer, Just Jill Creative

Summer Picnics
Summer picnics are a favorite of mine. What’s not to like -- good food, fun people, and warm weather. And, especially in Minnesota, we treat summers like a national treasure, soaking in as much sun as possible before things inevitably turn cold in the fall. I always throw a bunch of NEATsheets in the picnic basket, because with picnic classics like creamy pasta salads and juicy watermelon, my outings do get messy quick. And, by the way, NEATsheets are also great as placements. 

Woman reaching for a sandwich at a summer picnic wearing a NEATsheet.           

The Backyard Barbecue
A summer highlight for me is the backyard barbecue, especially because my dad’s grilling is the best! Barbecue is so delicious, but unfortunately sauce stains are unavoidable. NEATsheets are now a staple at my family gatherings since they seamlessly soak up misbehaving spills and sauce splats, while allowing us to keep focused on my dad’s mouthwatering steak, corn, and other grilled delectables. 

 Man wearing a NEATsheet and holding a cutting board with grilled steak.

Want in on this “must have” addition to a stain-free summer? Click HERE to purchase NEATsheets for summer-long coverage!


Abby Tutterow is currently a summer marketing associate at NEATGOODS. She just finished her freshman year at Davidson College, and when she is not studying hard, Abby loves theatre, travel, being with family and friend, and enjoying delicious food.

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“Great ideas” from a proud grandfather.

Dan Boone

Love that you are demonstrating all the uses for NEATsheets, they are so versatile, I keep them in different locations in my home, my pocket book, my dressing table , etc. and they save me hours and dollars protecting
my clothes. A BID fan


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