Great "Back To School" Ideas For At-Home Learning

Kids are headed “back to school.” In this highly unusual year, that might mean math in the family room, gym in the backyard, and art in the kitchen. We’ve come up with some NEAT ideas to make the days feel more normal, special, and educational.

  • Designate specific places for study. A certain corner or part of the table or counter that your child can make their own. And then let them create their own “office space.”
  • You’re busy and what’s a chore for you might seem like an empowering activity for your kids. Let your children pack their own lunch box. Click HERE for Chef Cat Cora’s Top Tips for Getting Kids to Pack Their Own Lunch.

  • Multi-task math and teach them how to bake for the family at the same time. Rice Krispie treats are an easy way to start. It is also a perfect cookie to get creative with add-ins. 

As for a secret to keep everyone neater throughout the day, NEATsheets are perfect for arts & crafts, baking, and other activities that may get messy. They work as an apron and table covering, and will allow everyone to focus on the lesson at hand and not the mess. One last fun idea…write their name on the NEATsheet. For example, Chef Nate or Chef Julia. They will love it!



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