NEATsheets Now Available At Amazon Canada

NEATsheets, an Amazon's Choice product in the U.S., is very excited to now be available in Canada via Amazon Canada.

NEATsheets are attractive and easy-to-use disposable clothing protectors perfect for meals, on-the-go, at work, caregiving, meal prep, or anytime you want to keep it NEAT!

Measuring 13” wide x 22” high with self-sticking adhesive tabs, NEATsheets cover your shirt and lap and stay put throughout the entire meal. Our absorbent front and repellent back keep sauce and oils from staining your clothes.



Here is just a sampling of the rave reviews for NEATsheets:

"I love them. I'm tired of ruining my clothes when I eat. These protect my blouses and my lap. No more mess and when we're through, just wipe your mouth and put it in the trash. Great idea."
Candace S., Florida

"They are easy to carry in my purse and just as easy to use. Stopped a drop of oily salad dressing and another time salsa. Love them."
Patricia B., Tennessee

"We are addicted to using these! We use them when eating in front of the TV, on airplanes and when snacking in the car. Plus very attractive."
Andy P., Rhode Island



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