Six Items To Make Your July 4th Sparkle

Here are six items to make your July 4th sparkle this year from a delicious dessert to a patriot playtime game.

Ice Cream Smores

Two seasonal favorites meet for the ultimate summer dessert. No campfire needed, but these a cinch to make with store-bought ice cream, graham crackers, and all your favorite toppings and mix-ins. Click HERE for the recipe.



American Flag Cornhole

This backyard favorite gives baseball a run as American's favorite pastime. The set includes four blue bean bags, four red bean bags, and two boards decorated to resemble the American flag. Click HERE to purchase.                                                                                             


NEATsheets Disposable Clothing Protectors

Gain your independence from annoying splotches and splatters to your shirt and lap while looking patriotic with either the Blue Stripe or Red & White Diamond NEATsheets patterns. Disposable, sanitary, and easy-to-adhere, NEATsheets lets everyone keep focused on the delicious eats and fun activities and avoid unnecessary stains. Click HERE to purchase. 



Confetti Poppers

These festive confetti poppers are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Great for kids and adults alike, these are a perfect addition to your celebration. Click HERE to purchase.



Raspberry Limeade Slushies

Beat the inevitable heat with a frozen thirst-quencher. This sweet-tart homemade slushie recipe will be a crowd-pleaser for all ages. Click HERE for the recipe.



Star Spangled Blankets

Snap up some of these towels to put on your lawn chairs so you and your guests can bask and picnic in full patriotic fervor. Click HERE to purchase.                           


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