Keeping It NEAT During My NEATGOODS’ Internship

Hello everyone! My name is Ellie Burke and I am a current freshman at Dartmouth College. Since my freshman year classes were switched to a virtual format given the current climate of COVID-19, I found myself with extra time on my hands and interested in pursuing an internship that would align with my passions for marketing.

Ellie Burke, NEATGOODS' Social Media Intern.

When the opportunity arose with NEATGOODS, I was extremely excited about the prospect of working at a growing brand to learn more about product development and content creation.

After three months of having the opportunity to work alongside and learn from Greg and Heidi, I can happily say that my initial expectations for this internship have been greatly exceeded. I have gained more insight these past months into the business and social media strategies that companies use to market products and create a brand image than I have ever before.

From the start, Greg and Heidi were incredibly open to hearing all of my ideas and truly prioritized me learning the ins and outs of digital marketing. I had the opportunity to work with different marketing experts to learn more about boosting posts, targeting a specific audience, and using influencers to promote products. Together with Greg and Heid, we worked to grow NEATGOODS’ following and reach on social media through creating engaging content and promoting our products to different societies, festivals, and social media campaigns. 

Each task that I executed for NEATGOODS was engaging and ultimately taught me how to better market products to a target audience. This internship allowed me to use my creativity and business mindset to promote an everyday, innovative product. I want to thank Greg, Heid, Chris, and Anne for taking the time to share their knowledge and time with me. I enjoyed every minute of this internship, and I look forward to seeing NEATGOODS continue to grow as a company and brand. Keep it NEAT!

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Ellie’s comments show how enthusiastic and positive she found her internship to be at Neatgoods. She was extremely grateful to the leadership at this young, growing firm for sharing their knowledge of marketing and taking the time to listen to her ideas.

Sue P. Moore

This little essay was an enthusiastic, well-composed assessment of Ellie’s internship at Neatgoods. She obviously learned a lot and feels indebted to the leadership at the young, growing brand where she chose to work.

Sue Moore

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