My Neat Experience As NEATGOODS' Social Media Intern

Hi Everyone! My name is Madie Augusto! You may have seen my face on Instagram or Facebook but I am here to talk a bit about my experience! This past fall I worked behind the scenes for NEATGOODS and gained an immense amount of knowledge regarding marketing. 

After being hired in August as a Social Media Intern, I dove headfirst into developing content and captions for all media platforms. I worked with NEATGOODS' digital marketing expert to better understand the ins and outs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Instagram, and so much more. She taught me how to create eye-catching material, to boost posts to a larger audience, and to manage many accounts at once. Also, I worked with Heidi and Greg to increase our following, to create a social media calendar, and to connect people to the purpose of NEATgoods! Together, we enhanced NEATGOODS’ presence and interactions on social media! 

Madie Augusto, NEATGOODS social media intern, having noodle soup while donning a NEATsheet.

Looking back at these past few months, I have learned more than I would have ever thought. This internship gave me direction and inspiration that I never knew was possible. I found a passion for creating captions and quirky phrases! I discovered how to run campaigns. I learned how to post for a purpose! Each job that I did for NEATGOODS was fun and engaging! But, one of the best parts about the job was being able to eat delicious food while taking mini photoshoots for future content! 

Madie Augusto and her mom eating lunch together and wearing NEATsheets.

I just wanted to thank NEATgoods, especially Heidi and Greg for this amazing opportunity. They are amazing bosses but even better people working to make our lives better and neater! Keep keeping things NEAT!

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I was always intrigued by the photos and the messaging, not to mention jealous I wasn’t invited to
for a taste of the food. Love being able to eat some of my messier meals, whether on a picnic or
a TV dinner, which with Covid has become too often, and not leave any trace on my clothing. I love the
new hand wipes they complete the package. Madie, good luck as you move on.


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