NEATGOODS is Headed to Faire Winter Market 2024

NEATGOODS' family of brands is on its ways to Faire Winter Market 2024, the bi-annual online trade show hosted by the wholesale marketplace taking place January 23-25. 

Connecting independent “brands” to independent boutiques, Faire Winter Market allows NEATGOODS to feature our best deals to retailers throughout the United States in preparation for the spring and summer selling seasons.  

NEATGOODS will have on display its full collections for NEATsheets adhesive napklns, NEATwipes biodegradable hand wipes, and NEATtable palm leaf plates.

NEATGOODS' portfolio of products include NEATsheets, NEATtable, and NEATwipes.

"Our portfolio is so well suited for the spring and summer seasons when people are traveling, entertaining, and on the move," explained Greg Pesky, President of NEATGOODS. "Our goal is to offer an outstanding brand experience for our retail partners and consumers through design, sustainability, and function. We are really excited to be participating in Faire Winter Market and we love partnering with Faire."

To check out the NEATGOODS storefront on Faire, go to:

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