NEATGOODS Partners With Leaping Bunny To Be Cruelty Free To Animals

In our continued effort to provide innovative solutions for everyday needs, NEATGOODS has partnered with The Leaping Bunny Program which certifies that neither our products nor any of our ingredients are ever tested on animals. In order to become Leaping Bunny certified, NEATGOODS must comply with requirements in place that go beyond current laws. Specifically, we must:

  • Adhere to a fixed cut-off date, an unalterable date after which neither the brand nor any of its suppliers and/or manufacturers may conduct, commission or be party to animal tests.
  • Set up a Supplier Monitoring System to ensure all their suppliers and manufacturers comply with Leaping Bunny criteria.
  • Be open to independent audits to ensure their Supplier Monitoring System adheres to the Leaping Bunny Standard.
  • Renew their commitment to the Leaping Bunny Program annually.


As we grow our family-owned business, we will continue to focus on innovative and exceptional everyday solutions in our mission to offer our customers better...not more. To learn more about The Leaping Bunny Program, go to:


Logo for The Leaping Bunny Program

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