NEATsheets 4-Count Pouches Now In Multi-Packs

Looking for a compact solution when you want to keep it NEAT from spills and stains during travel, on-the-go, at the office, or during mealtime? NEATsheets 4-Count Pouches are now available on Amazon in 10-count multi-packs for $49.99. Click HERE to see our listing. 

NEATsheets 4-Count pack displayed on a airplane tray table.

NEATsheets 4-Counts come in our attractive Grey Dot and Blue Ticking patterns with each pouch recloseable for increased convenience and safety.

"People love our 4-counts because they can easily fit in carry bags, backpacks, and pocketbooks," commented Greg Pesky, Partner & President of NEATGOODS, LLC., the parent company of NEATsheets. "We have also seen tremendous success of our multi-packs at events such as weddings, barbecue festivals, and corporate gatherings."

A man in business attire wearing a NEATsheet adhesive napkin while eating a sandwich on the run.

NEATsheets adhesive napkins are a designated "Amazon Choice" product which is awarded to select products on Amazon that best match the customer search term and meet specific criteria for high quality, competitive pricing, and availability for fast shipping. NEATsheets has more than 600 global reviews with 4.5 out 5.0 rating.

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