NEATsheets New Packaging - Modern, Chic & NEAT!

We have taken a new approach to our 20-count and 100-count packaging to provide a more modern, chic and NEAT experience!

Our new 20-count pouch has a great new design, reclosable closure tab, and a sleek look. The redesigned packaging will be the eye-catcher everyone is looking for rather than those eye-catching stains!

The 20-count pouch is ideal for on the go. It is more compact which provides simple storage and transportation. Not only that, but it is easier to open and close than ever before.

NEATsheets 20 Count Pouch

And our new 100-count packaging has a fresh and modern look making it great for the home, office, barbecues, businesses, and for those in your care. 

NEATsheets 100 Count Box


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