NEATsheets Passes The "No Stains Spaghetti Test" on GoodDay Sacramento

NEATGOODS' partner, Greg Pesky, had a great time sharing NEATsheets with the fun team at GoodDay Sacramento. The segment included host Cody Stark bravely eating spaghetti on air while wearing a NEATsheet only to walk away with no stains, a big smile, and on to the next segment.

Cody Stark, host of Good Day Sacramento, putting on a NEATsheet before eating spaghetti.

Cody Stark, host of Good Day Sacramento, eating spaghetti during a segment of the show..

Cody Stark, host of Good Day Sacramento, wearing a NEATsheet and eating spaghetti during a show segment.

Greg also talked about how NEATsheets are a must have in the spring and summer at the height of barbecues, lobster boils, and outdoor gathering, as well as a go to for travel, commuting, and caregiving.

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