NEATtable Plates Now In Available In 8-Inch Size

NEATtable compostable palm leaf plates are now available in an 8-inch size, perfect for desserts, appetizers, and salads. Our sturdy circular plates are also available in 12- and 10-inch sizes, providing an elegant, eco-friendly option for the holidays, dinner parties, weddings, camping, picnics, or barbecues.

Each pack comes with 25 plates for $28.99 and is available for purchase at Amazon. Click HERE to shop today.

"Since our launch of NEATtable in Fall 2023, the reception has been outstanding. Our customers love the 'imperfect' elegance and sustainability of our plates, and are pleasantly surprised with how sturdy the surface is," said Greg Pesky, Partner & President of NEATGOODS, LLC., the parent company of NEATtable. "They love that they do not have to make any sacrifices with our single-use plates." 

A NEATtable compostable palm leaf plate on a table setting.

Made simply from a fallen palm leaf, NEATtable plates are cleaned with water and light and molded with heat. Our process, from collection through manufacturing to compostability, has a minimal environmental impact.

NEATtable palm leaf plates are a designated "Amazon Choice" product which is awarded to select products on Amazon that best match the customer search term and meet specific criteria for high quality, competitive pricing, and availability for fast shipping. NEATsheets has an outstanding 4.6 out 5.0 rating.

To learn more about NEATtable, please click HERE.

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