Not all social distancing is a bad thing

Not being able to see loved ones and friends or going to your favorite coffee shop on a regular basis have been some of the sacrifices we are making for the common good of "flattening the curve". But, you have to admit, there are some things that we do enjoy distancing ourselves from. It could be the tough morning commute along the 405 or enduring regular business travel that has you away from family. 

One of ours is distancing from the laundry room, especially when the local dry cleaner is not available to do quick triage on the blouse or dress shirt from the spaghetti sauce splatter.  With grilling season now in "regular season" (sorry baseball, we wish you were, as well), throw on a NEATsheet before the first bite. Splatters are going to happen, but it can still result in you being able to keep six feet from the washer or dryer. 

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