Our top five favorite grilling accessories and tools for 2020

With consistently warmer weather now upon us, grilling season is in full force. You may already be set with a great grill, but the right tools and accessories can make or break a meal. Here are our favorite selections for 2020 to help make every meal terrific.


Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Cook up perfect steaks, pork chops, and burgers with help from Weber’s Bluetooth-enabled thermometer. Choose a protein and your desired doneness, and the app will keep you updated, sending an alert to your phone once the meat reaches its ideal temp. The app took less than a minute to set up. Click HERE to purchase.


Wildwood Grilling Planks

Add a smokey flavor to grilled meats and fish with these Wildwoods planks. Choose from woods like Cedar or Maple, all labeled with what type of food they're best suited for. Click HERE to purchase.


NEATsheets Clothing Protectors

Perfect during prep or mealtime, NEATsheets easily adhere to shirts and laps and protect against unnecessary stains and spots with its absorbent front and liquid repellant backing. We recommend the iconic Red & White Diamond design, but NEATsheets come in a variety of attractive patterns perfect for any backyard occasion. Click HERE to purchase. 

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Give your food more flavor instantly without adding tons of spices and rubs. By placing this salt block on your grill, you’ll instantly enhance the taste and delight everyone’s palate. You can also serve your food on it afterward. It’s naturally antibacterial, so all it needs is a wipe-down and then it’s ready to go again for the next outdoor party. Click HERE to purchase.



The gas versus charcoal grilling debate may never die, but you can skip it entirely with a set of GrillGrates. Available for many grill sizes, GrillGrates provides the same effect on a grill without the charcoal, trapping juices in its deep grooves where they burn off and flavor your food. They also prevent flare-ups. GrillGrates can replace your existing grates or just cover them. Click HERE to purchase.

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