Ten Great “Workday” Uses of NEATsheets in the Spring & Summer

With many of us returning full time to the office, here are 10 terrific "workday" uses for NEATsheets this spring and summer to keep you stain free and on track for the next meeting. 

  • Lunch at the Desk – As we like to say at NEATGOODS, lunch is only halfway through the day. Don’t let an errant meatball or misbehaving dressing derail your afternoon as you tend to a stain on your business attire. Throw on a NEATsheet and leave the mess on us.

Woman eating lunch at her work desk wearing a Cinnamon Stick NEATsheet.

  • Food Truck Lunches – The warmer weather and fresh air means food truck lunch fare. Let NEATsheets be your secret defense against the drips from your favorite taco salad or a delicious tuna salad sandwich bursting at the edges.
Businessman walking with a sandwich and wearing a NEATsheet with the Blue Ticking pattern.
  • Conferences – Meals at conferences can often be a juggling act as you are quickly moving from one presentation to the next, eating at a restaurant, or walking the expo aisle. Toss a couple of NEATsheets in your work bag at the start of the day and eliminate the stress of an unexpected spill.

Woman at a deli eating a sandwich wearing a Cinnamon Stick NEATsheet.

  • Morning Commute – For many of us, the morning commute is no longer the walk down the hallway from the kitchen to the home office. Whether it is a carpool, a bus ride, or the train, NEATsheets will provide peace of mind that breakfast will not travel on you for the rest of the day.

Man drinking coffee on his commute to the office wearing a Grey Dot NEATsheet.

  • Company Parties – NEATsheets are ideal for company get togethers, especially if it is an outdoor affair.
  • Placemat for Office Meals – NEATsheets are not just for shirts and laps. They are also terrific as a placemat during a working lunch at the desk.

Grey Dot NEATsheet being used as a placemat at a work desk.

  • When Applying Make-Up – Consider using NEATsheets when applying or having make-up applied. Whether it is in preparation for an on-air interview or part of the daily routine, NEATsheets helps everyone look their best.
  • Business Trips – Video conferencing has been a terrific solution for the past couple of years as we have tried to stay healthy in lieu of Covid. We are now finding ourselves back on the road meeting with clients, attending company meetings, or conducting sight visits. NEATsheets are a first-class solution to keep you neat during work trips. 

Woman on a plane with a sandwich and drink wearing a red and white diamond NEATsheet.

  • Team Gift – Everyone appreciates the occasional thank you from co-workers, management, or the company. NEATsheets 20-count pouches are an ideal consideration.
  • Lunch at a Golf Outing – You may not be able to impress your client with your short game, but NEATsheets are your ace in the hole to keep every one neat during a round of golf.

To purchase NEATsheets in convenient 20-Count pouches or economical 100-Count boxes, go to myNEATGOODS.com

Greg Pesky, partner at NEATGOODS, has spent many years working in offices from New York City to Minneapolis often on the receiving end of a lunchtime stain or splotch. He now makes NEATsheets a work bag must along with his Airpods, Hewlett Packard 17B II calculator (old school), and power cords.

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