Ten Great Uses For NEATsheets This Spring

With spring in full bloom, here are 10 great uses for NEATsheets during this season of outdoor activities, celebrations, and warmer weather.

  • Food Truck Meals -- Whether you are eating a burrito, hamburger, or lobster roll, NEATsheets are a must for enjoying a food truck meal.
    • Carpooling Kids to "After School" Activities -- Whether it is a run tio Girls Scouts, soccer, swimming or play practice, NEATsheets are perfect when meals in the car a part of the routine.
    • Memorial Day Barbecue -- Having NEATsheets at this unofficial/official start to summer will keep everyone NEAT.
Woman at an outdoor party reaching for a sandwich and wearing a red and white diamond  NEATsheet.
    • Picnics -- NEATsheets are perfect for the shirt and lap whether you are eating on the grass of at a picnic table.
    • Weddings -- NEATsheets are the perfect partner when you are throwing or attending a wedding.
    • Barbecues & Lobster Festivals -- Let NEATsheets keep you moving stain free from a delicious meal to live entertainment.
    • Eating at a Baseball Game -- The only errors when attending a baseball game should be on the field. Bring NEATsheets with you when eating a fully loaded hotdog for a homerun experience.
    • Graduation Parties -- NEATsheets are the smart choice during this celebratory occasion.
    • Placemat for Meals at the Park -- NEATsheets are ideal as a placemat in providing increased convenience and protection.
    • Lunch During a Round of Golf -- NEATsheets may not result in a bogie-free round, but they allow you for not needing a mulligan from condiment stains and splatters.
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