The Five Best Tailgating Accessories for 2019

The best plays this football season may not be on the gridiron but at the pre-game tailgate. Here are five great tailgating accessories for 2019 that range from a carbonated growler to the perfect stain blocker when eating.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler
This stainless-steel pressurized growler will keep your favorite beer fresh and carbonated for the whole game. The dispenser tap easily pours beer any time and it will cut down on a lot of waste. Available on Amazon in 64-ounce and 128-ounce sizes.

Weber Instant Read Thermometer
You have enough to worry about if your team is going to win the big game, so rely on Weber 6750 Instant Read Thermometer to let you know if your grilled food has reached its prime cooking temperature. The thermometer has a digital display and reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is an Amazon Choice selection and costs $11.99.

NEATsheets Disposable Adhesive Napkins
It is one thing for your favorite jersey to have grass stains but it is a game changing penalty to tarnish your team colors with a ketchup stain. NEATsheets easily adhere to any clothing surface with two tabs providing all-pro coverage when eating. Available in stylish four designs, NEATsheets start at $14 for a 20-count pouch. Click here to order this Amazon Choice product.

Corkcicle Arctican Stainless Steel Insulated Can & Bottle Holder
Corkcicle’s Artican slides right onto a 12-ounce drink and it will keep your beverage ice-cold for up to three hours. Also, you will look cool with this stylish beverage holder. Available on Amazon in four different colors.


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