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Making Your Workspace NEAT!

If you are now working from home, what are you doing to make your workspace NEAT? Are you taking advantage of a great view within your home, apartment, or condo? Have you transformed a previously unused nook into a highly productive space? Or have you adopted a "hot desk" approach where you move from spot to spot in your abode throughout the day for some variety?
Click HERE from an informative article from Washingtonian with tips from architects and designers, including Zach Stamatis, designed at Zoe Feldman Design, when working from home. 
We would love to hear what you are doing to make your space NEAT and we will be doing the same over the next few weeks. Everyone who comments or provides a picture of their own NEAT workspace through May 31st, 2020, will be entered to win an 80-Count NEATsheets Variety Pack.

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