Five Airplane Essentials for Traveling Again this Summer

With vaccines rolling out and case numbers plummeting, our lives are beginning to return to normal. For many of us that means traveling again. I want to share my top five airplane essentials that help me get through long travel days!

Portable Charger
Due to the pandemic, I’ve spent the majority of the last year and a half at home, which means I never have to worry about my phone dying. Now that everyone is out and about more, it’s so easy to forget to charge, ending up with a phone at 2% and no power source. This is particularly an issue when I travel. These days, I always pack a fully charged portable charger in my purse or carry-on so I don’t have to worry about being stranded with no phone. 

Although things are looking up, airports are still germ central, and it’s important to stay clean. I recommend bringing along a pack of NEATwipes to use as you travel to keep your hands germ-free, hydrated, and smelling lovely. NEATwipes 24-count individually wrapped packets are perfect for travel because I can toss just a few into my bag. Also, the environment is very important to me, so I love that NEATwipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

A woman on a plane using NEATwipes, a calming, soothing, and germ-free hand wipe experience.

Sleep Mask
This recommendation may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. On a recent flight, I was so focused on my face mask, I forgot to bring along a mask for sleep. It can be difficult to get good rest in the air, but having a trusty sleep mask helps a ton! 

During a day full of travel, I inevitably eat on the go, which is why I always bring along NEATsheets. They are great for the airplane, airport, or car ride home. They allow me to focus on my destination rather than stains. I stick them on my shirt, on my lap, even on my tray table as a placemat, and it also works as a headrest cover. Whether it’s in the air or on the ground, having NEATsheets on hand is always helpful.

Travel Blanket
I absolutely recommend a travel blanket. Travel blankets are designed to fold down into small pouches. They are perfect for a nap in the air or for those of us who get cold easily.  I know I’m always freezing on airplanes, and my travel blanket helps me stay warm no matter the temperature. Travel blankets are so small, it’s easy to include them in your carry-on. 

Abby Tutterow is a summer marketing associate at NEATGOODS. She just finished her freshman year at Davidson College, and when she is not studying hard, Abby loves theatre, travel, being with family and friend, and enjoying delicious food.
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My family has been using neat sheets for a couple of years ow and we love them. My husband (at my request) wears one nightly which has saved many a shirt front.

Anne McLean

Good travel tips and fun to read. And clever.


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