NEATtable Palm Leaf Plates Offer Unique Sustainability & Function

We are very excited to welcome NEATtable compostable palm leaf plates to the NEATGOODS' family of brands. Our sturdy circular plates are available in both 12 and 10 inch sizes making them an ideal eco-friendly option for the holidays, dinner parties, weddings, camping, picnics, or barbecues. Each pack comes with 25 plates and is available for purchase at and Amazon.

"NEATtable is a wonderful addition to NEATGOODS' family of brands offering innovative and unique design, sustainability, and function to other disposable plates available," explained Greg Pesky, Partner & President, NEATGOODS, LLC. "Our goal with every brand we launch is to 'offer better, not more'".

NEATtable compostable palm leaf plate at a Sunday brunch.

Made simply from a fallen palm leaf, NEATtable plates are cleaned with water and light and molded with heat. Our process, from collection through manufacturing to compostability, has a minimal environmental impact.

We use the center portion of the leaf for consistency in tone and thickness providing an outstanding experience no matter the meal. Our round plates are designed to hold up to any food and are a plastic-free solution to traditional plastic plates.

NEATtable eco-friendly plates contain no inks, lacquers, glues, or other toxins. Our plates are USDA Biobased certified and will compost within 60-90 days. 

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