WFXB's Carolina AM Puts NEATsheets to the Road Test!

Audra Grant of WFXB's Carolina AM tested NEATsheets during a recent visit to a McDonald's drive-thru and she is lovin' them! She donned our Red & White Diamond NEATsheet after ordering a #7 meal with extra ketchup and she kept it NEAT the entire time. To watch the segment, go to:

Audra Grant of WFXB's Carolina AM test NEATsheets during a drive-thru meal at McDonald's.


Back at the studio, Audra provided her review of NEATsheets to her co-host, Greg Rowles, and they passed the road test with flying colors. Audra and Greg also explained how to use NEATsheets to its audience and provided details on the patterns and pack sizes available.

Audra Grant of WFXB's Carolina AM shows the different patterns available for NEATsheets.


Greg Rowles of WFXB's Carolina AM features the NEATsheets 20-Count pouch as one of the available package options.


To learn more aboiut NEATsheets or to place an order, check us out at

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