Essentials For Travel -- NEATwipes & NEATsheets

A business woman on plane with NEATsheets and NEATwipes.

Pack List Necessities

Whether it is an overnight business trip or a week at a resort, traveling prepared is a must. NEATsheets and NEATwipes are available in convenient travel size packs ideal for carry-ons, glove compartments, and backpacks.

NEATwipes come individually wrapped for unmatched mobillty and NEATsheets are available in 4- and 20-count packs ready to keep you neat and stain free from take off to touch down.

A young girl near a beach eating lunch wearing a NEATsheet with Cinnamon Stick design.

Perfect For The Entire Family

NEATwipes and NEATsheets are ideal for parties from one to many. NEATwipes are 99.% effective against germs and will leave hands feeling fresh and invigorated after every use. Disposable NEATsheets can be used for many different functions including as a protective napkin during meals and a placemat when eating on a plane or an outdoor setting.

NEATwipes Fresh Citrus handwipes on a beach towel with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Soothing From Oceanside To Mountain Top

The elements can be tough on skin, but NEATwipes will not be. Infused with aloe vera and glycerin, NEATwipes will leave hands feeling refreshed after every use. They also do not contain benzalkonium chloride, parabens, or triclosan. NEATwipes are 100% biodegradable.

NEATwipes are available in a range of fragrances including Lavender, Fresh Citrus, and Cucumber Aloe.

Senior aged man wearing a NEATsheet with Blue Ticking pattern while enjoying brunch.

Spills happen. Stains shouldn't.

Whether it is a fresh salad at the pool side restaurant or a grab-and-go sandwich on the plane, NEATsheets protect clothes from annoying stains and spills. They are available in several attractive and digniified patterns, so there is sure to be a design perfect no matter the setting.

A banner photo featuring NEATsheets and NEATwipes.

Woman-Owned & Family Inspired

NEATGOODS is a woman-owned (WBENC-certified), family-run business, a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, and Leaping Bunny-certified. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.